Cosmic Panel: Mind, Body and Spirit Online Event

The Archived Recording for Cosmic Panel: Mind, Body & Spirit is now available for purchase!

Be a part of the exciting and thought-provoking second Cosmic Panel Online Event featuring simultaneous channeling from Wendy Kennedy, Rob Gauthier and Brad Johnson. 

Through simultaneous channeling in a discussion panel format from three of the Internet’s most popular channels, discover the multi-dimensional perspective of our relationship through the mind, body and spirit.

Interact through live Q&A with all three presenters while in the channeled state as they address your questions on any topic of your choosing.

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Wendy Kennedy

Channeler of the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective Consciousness

Wendy began channeling in 1995.  She currently lectures and channels for clients around the world connecting with many different celestial beings, most notably the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective. She was one of the six channels featured in the movie and book “Tuning In: Spirit Channelers in America”. She is also featured in the new book, “The Great Human Potential” due out this fall.  

Rob Gauthier

Channeler of TReb Bor yit-NE

Rob Gauthier will be channeling TReb Bor yit-NE or TReb for short. Treb is a reptilian Hybrid human being who resides in a Planet that revolves around a Red Dwarf in the Capella system. It is approximately 40 light years from Earth. Treb comes to us now because it is his highest excitement. It is also his job as a spiritual adviser / teacher of all races. He has connected to Rob for the benefit of the human race. He shares his great loving self, as well as an abundance of knowledge. He loves to share his information, but best of all he loves being an assitant of you and your oversoul so that you may connect more clearly with it. Treb will be speaking about understanding the entirty of the oversoul and within that understanding, usuing the knowelege to better yoursself in daily life. Seeing your true power.

Brad Johnson

Channeler of Adronis

Brad began his spiritual jourey in August of 2008. Throughout many of Brad's conscious contacts with other consciousnesses via automatic writing, Brad received advice from one of his channeling mentors to direct his energy towards the star known as Sirius A, otherwise known commonly as the dog star as there was a feeling of a message that was looking to come through. Brad tuned into the energies of Sirius A and this was the first contact he had with an entity known as Adronis. Adronis began his association with Brad under the means of a soul contract. This entailed that this other consciousness extension of Brad residing from the fifth density plane of Sirius would act as a mentor for him as he worked to expand himself further through his channeling ability.

Archived Recording: $10.00 CAD

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Cosmic Panel: Mind, Body and Spirit Online Event

***Once ageing...For those who purchase and register and, for some reason; are unable to attend on the day of the event will be eligible to automatically receive the archived event download.***